It’s officially spring now. Even if the rain persists this year and can’t quite seem to be convinced to make way for toe weather consistently, the date does make it official.

And if you, like me, feel incredibly intimidated by the fact that March is nearly over and with that the first quarter of this year. The year that was supposed to be your year. The year that you finally wanted to do it all.

But then January and February creep along and maybe you, just like me struggle to get to all those great plans and lists. All the things you wrote down. The words you chose for this year. The big intentions, supposed to be solidified with all the affirmations needed, but then again, pushed to the side. Ignored, till maybe next week. Or not. Because somehow, you, just like me, feel exhausted and strangely paralyzed.

So, here I have an excuse for you.

Nature doesn’t hurry. 


Everything in nature is done in it’s due time.

And all of our new years resolution make no sense, because it is still winter, the time for hibernation. Winter is there to restore energy, to rest and recharge, to be ready with new energy for the doing phase of spring. So yes, we can make all the plans we want, but we also need to be realistic about them. And allow ourselves the grace to slow down. To contemplate and really feel into what we want to be doing next, and why.

Spring is the time to get things done, to start something new. Nature says so.

So, let’s let go of the guilt that we accumulated over the last couple of months and embrace where we are at. Proudly. 

Let’s allow ourselves to look forward and bloom, when we are ready to. 

A slow bloom is going to be so much more beautiful, trust me.

Nature knows.